Friday, May 25, 2012


HARRY CREWS died a while back and I thought I would share his pecan crusted chicken recipe.  I interviewed him for Flagpole Magazine back in the mid 90's. He had a hell of a physical presence - head like a bulldog anvil - and he was a strange combination of dirty old man - one minute telling really nasty jokes that would segue into Shakespearean quotes and beautiful, sad stories. I miss the fact that he is not on this earth, churning out words like a maniac (500 words a day, every day). I've tried the recipe - follow as closely as possible.

Don - "So Mr. Crews, I heard that you have a great recipe for fried chicken with pecans." (I should note here that these words and a brief introduction were the only things I remember saying during the entire 2 hours we talked - the man could talk like a carny).

Mr. Crews - "Well yes I do, I consider myself a damn fine cook, love to do it. Now the thing is,  you have to remember to love the chicken. You gotta let the chicken know how wonderful it is. I take the bird up in my hands and talk real softly to it - 'oh you are a fine chicken, a fine fine chicken, what a beautiful bird. I love you chicken, I love you.' That's right now, you don't just start rolling the thing in buttermilk, flour and pecans and throwing it in hot grease - god dammit you gotta let that bird know it's appreciated or it won't taste any damn good. That bird will not cook right if it doesn't think you love it. That's how I do it anyway."

For further reading - "Feast of Snakes" followed by "A Childhood".

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