Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A 31 Second Song : Rigmarole

A 31 second song by Don Chambers, © Plymouth Music, 2012.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wunderkammer no. 4

Found in the Athens Clarke Co. Library parking lot, June 2012

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The famous Magician from Bundelpore

The famous Magician from Bundelpore

"More wondrous still, six lovely doves 
now fly up in the air..."

This illustration and poem are from the book A museum of wonders and what the young folks saw there explained in many pictures, published in 1884 by Frederick Burr Opper. Mr. Hopper was known for his illustrations for the comic magazine Puck, as well as his comic strip Happy Hooligan.

His poem is particularly Victorian.

The Magician

The Magician

This is a famed Magician, who has come from Bundelpore;
He reads the stars by midnight, and studies magic lore;
He takes a watch and pounds it up into a powder small—
The owner never more expects to see his watch at all—
Then suddenly it is produced from out his neighbor’s hat,
And, strange to say, it is all right, though it was pounded flat.
He makes a pudding in his hat, and then, to your surprise,
He takes a dozen eggs from it—you cannot believe your eyes!
More wondrous still, six lovely doves now fly up in the air—
No wonder this magician can make the children stare!
But there is a magician—I know him very well—
Who has more power in his touch, more magic in his spell;
He can raise you from a hovel, he can give you house and land,
Costly jewels, lovely fabrics, all will come at his command;
Though you are in rags he’ll clothe you in garments fine and fair;
If you’re starving he can bring you a feast both rich and rare.
He turns the yellow wheat to flour—he changes grapes to wine,
The apples into cider, the wool to cloth so fine.
He builds the grandest bridges; he quarries marble fair;
He paints such wondrous pictures; he carves such statues rare;
He can weave the fragile laces; he can crush the iron ore—
Drill the eyes of finest needles—through the giant mountains bore.
He can drain a mighty river, and build cities where it ran;
He can raise up tons of metal, or gently waft a fan;
He can spin a thread of gossamer—twist iron bars in two;
There’s no end to the miracles that he can show to you,
Or the wonders he’ll accomplish, if you will strive aright
The task that lies before you to do with all your might;
But he must be your master, and he'll rule you like a Turk.
The name of this Magician: Well, I’ll tell you—“ Mr. Work!”

A museum of wonders and what the young folks saw there, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida Digital Collections>>

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This has nothing to do with anything other than the beauty of simplicity.

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GOAT - Open the Gates (mighty and live)

Thanks to Mike White (video) and Sloan Simpson (audio) for posting this one on you tube.

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Howe Gelb Interview

If you are a Howe Gelb or Giant Sand fan and have an hour, this is well worth it. I love his improvisational approach to performance, recording and life.

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Documentary Fundraiser ALMOST Over

The fundraiser for the documentary that I am involved with is ALMOST over. The goal is ALMOST reached! EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK is a documentary that is based on how the modern medical model mess has affected your family doctor by messing with my family doctor. A new film by Paul Hasegewa Overacker, (H-O). His last feature documentary, GUEST OF CINDY SHERMAN, a film the New York Times said was: "At once a fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpse, bittersweet autobiography and witty trip down art-world memory lane..."

The synopsis of the film is: Dr. Daryl Isaacs is a successful, respected physician, a married family man with three grown children. Many people remember Dr. Isaacs as  a co-star of SUPER SIZE ME, during which he gives director Morgan Spurlock his dire prognosis if he continues to gorge on a Big Mac diet. He lives a seemingly comfortable life, commuting from his lakeside home in Connecticut to his very busy practice in Manhattan. After 30 years of practicing medicine, 10 years in the ER and 20 years as an internist and general practitioner, he’s suddenly faced with crude reality: financial ruin.

Anything you can pledge would be great. I really want to see this made - please consider helping. thanks - don
Go to:

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David Byrne on Architecture and Music

David Byrne's TED talk on the effect of context on content. Do we write, paint or compose with an unconscious club, space or audience? How does this affect us, and how do we adapt to new context?