Saturday, June 2, 2012

Documentary Fundraiser ALMOST Over

The fundraiser for the documentary that I am involved with is ALMOST over. The goal is ALMOST reached! EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK is a documentary that is based on how the modern medical model mess has affected your family doctor by messing with my family doctor. A new film by Paul Hasegewa Overacker, (H-O). His last feature documentary, GUEST OF CINDY SHERMAN, a film the New York Times said was: "At once a fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpse, bittersweet autobiography and witty trip down art-world memory lane..."

The synopsis of the film is: Dr. Daryl Isaacs is a successful, respected physician, a married family man with three grown children. Many people remember Dr. Isaacs as  a co-star of SUPER SIZE ME, during which he gives director Morgan Spurlock his dire prognosis if he continues to gorge on a Big Mac diet. He lives a seemingly comfortable life, commuting from his lakeside home in Connecticut to his very busy practice in Manhattan. After 30 years of practicing medicine, 10 years in the ER and 20 years as an internist and general practitioner, he’s suddenly faced with crude reality: financial ruin.

Anything you can pledge would be great. I really want to see this made - please consider helping. thanks - don
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