Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Devil's Picturebook no. 3 : Three of Hearts

Three of Hearts : be cautious, an impulsive decision threatens good ones

I found a Silvertone acoustic on craigslist for $10 bucks in south Georgia. I had been hunting for an old Sears Silvertone Acoustic for a while, and ten bucks is a steal. The picture was kinda fuzzy but I knew I had never seen one like this before, it looked like something Johny Cash would play - black with a double western style white pickguard. It was about two hours away and I had butterflies all the way there - anticipating the find of the year. I arrived and went into the house, the kid selling it said he had used it as decoration in his room. I took one look at it and knew I was on a fools errand. It was a guitar at one time, now it's painted with several coats of glossy black house paint, the pick guard is made of plywood and attached to the sunken top with caulk, the Silvertone logo is a taped on copy out of a magazine, it's got hand painted "pearl inlay" and the strings sit as much as an inch off the neck. It is not tuneable and barely playable. Written on the pick guard in squiggly cursive is "Cowboy". It was impulsive to drive two hours for a ten dollar "guitar" (the gas was at least $30) , but I determined then and there to at least make a song with it. So here's a short demo version of the song, it's called "Cowboy in Disguise".

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