Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Friends - Most the our back catalog is up on the Bandcamp site. {http://donchambers.bandcamp.com/} You can order digital or physical copies, though physical copies are limited. Thanks to all those who bought the digital files of "A Sudden Loss of Elevation"  - there was enough demand that we went ahead and ordered a run of CD's/Digipacks that will be for sale on Bandcamp, at shows, Athens record stores, Athens Music.net, and possibly in the bins at your local thrift store right behind that well used so-n-so's Greatest Hits disk.

Eric, Lukas and I are gearing up to play Athfest this year at the Caledonia Friday night. We'll try to do some of the new songs off "Sudden...", as well as some yet to be released stuff. There is quite a line-up at the club that night.

Does anyone know if the cicadas are coming to Athens? Been waiting to hear them but all I hear are hoot owls and dogs. - don

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