Friday, February 15, 2013

Little Dark Eyed Love by Jeffrey Bützer

I wrote vocals and sang a song on my friend Jeffrey's new EP, see link below.

For immediate release (2.14.13)
The Great Big record label is releasing Little Dark Eyed Love by Jeffrey Bützer: a digital EP.
This is a collection of collaborations with Molly Harvey (The Residents), Brent Hinds (Mastodon, West End Motel), Bill Taft (Smoke, Hubcap City), Don Chambers, Monica Arrington (Nerdkween), Cassi Costoulas (Jeffrey Bützer and the Bicycle Eaters) and French Composer Klimperei.
Jeffrey Bützer

1.Little Dark Eyed Love (with Molly Harvey & Brent Hinds)
2.Hoodwinked (with Don Chambers, Bill Taft & Brent Hinds)
3.The Vanishing Act (with Klimperei)
5.Little Dark Eyed Love 2 (with Monica Arrington)
6.Hoodwinked 2 (with Cassi Costoulas)

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