Friday, February 1, 2013

The Devil's Picturebook no. 5 - Seven of Diamonds

Seven of Diamonds - a gift, lies, rumours, unlucky gambler

     Bad liars make lousy gamblers and even lousier songwriters. The songwriters business is to lie, as is the magician and the actor. Actors make you believe (play "make believe") he/she is someone else, has a conflict (non-existent) and feelings (fake). Magicians lie for a living - they call it misdirection. The trick happens when your eye lies to your brain because it cannot follow the ball/card/dove/girl/etc. logically. Magicians break patterns of logic (fancy way of saying they lie). Songwriters lie as well, even when they are telling you a story from their life, even if they play like they are "authentic" (nothing says "I'm just an normal guy" like jeans and flannel) at the end of the day it is a confabulation. You don't have to be a murderer to write about murdering someone. Write what you know emotionally, it will ring true if the emotion is real to you, even if the story is fiction (lie) - the devil is in the details (and he's a really good liar). You have to lie to tell the truth.

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